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“A true sportsman is determined not by the number of hours he puts in for practice, but by the practice learning that he implies into his performance.”

With a tremendous rise in competition, improvement in performance, assessment techniques and perpetually increasing distractions, the Darwinian Theory of ‘survival of the fittest’ is becoming the core of any sport played. The game of cricket is no exception! No more is it sufficient enough to be a spinner, a fast bowler or an extraordinary batsman. One needs to be an all-rounder cricketer, a healthy team-player, a hardcore athlete and a consistent performer.

Understanding the crux of this sports metamorphosis, Cricket India Academy has walked in-tandem with the contemporary coaching essentials. With advanced training philosophies derived from deep-rooted sport principles, we focus on maximizing participation in high quality training sessions. We ensure that by creating an appropriate learning environment for participants to hone their cricket skills. Our aim is to make phenomenal players – those who would be efficient for a Test match; high-spirited, sustainable and promising as required for a one-day; and highly determined, goal oriented and enthusiastic as essential for a game of Twenty-20. In short, we wish to hone well-versed sportsmen who can survive any dynamics that may come with the game and its evolution.

Latest Results

About Us

Sports Education Development India Limited (SEDIL) is committed to providing high quality sports education programs across India. Our company is a joint partnership between education experts Podar Enterprise and Kohinoor Group, and has a combined experience of over 150 years in education.  We have always strived to ‘lead the way in the Sports Education space in India’ and our experience in this field allows us to provide a quality addition to the Indian education system.

As our first entry into the sports education field, we have secured the exclusive rights to deliver Cricket Australia designed Cricket Education Program (CEP) in India.









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Our belief states that to fulfil our vision of overall Human Capital Development via grassroots, we believe local contribution synergised with modern technique and methodologies will be the pedestal for greater horizons. On that lines, we have developed the following strategic alliance methodologies:

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Our philosophy is based on three major pillars, namely, Investing in Grassroots, Promoting Participation and Encouraging the Spirit of the Game. To achieve the goal in this context we are looking for similar minded individuals/entities who would like to work with us in delivering grassroots programs of development in their territories.

For Schools

CIA is affiliated with Cricket Australia and our primary focuses lies on Sports Education Development – which is the first curriculum based sports teaching program in India. We have conceptualized different development programs which helps the kids to develop their traits.


Venue Based Franchisee provides the right to run the Cricket Coaching Program for only the ascertained Venue/Ground.


In hustle and bustle of daily routine it is difficult for individuals hard at work to find time as well to find venues and then people to…

Our Network

Cricket India Academy has been an ever growing family with the same set of values and goals of Sports Education at grassroots and along our way, we have been able to associate with the following entities till date to fulfill the vision of development of life through sports. We exist in the following territories in tandem with our partners for greater good.

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The systematic age wise cricket development pathway. As Cricket India Academy aims to provide the best quality education and training in cricket, we also take into consideration the varying requirements and needs of our participants.


Excellence in quality of coaching lies at the core of all our programs and services at cricket india academy. Understanding your requirements and getting to the roots of your aspired results, we also design customized cricket camps.


Cricket India Academy provides the coveted opportunities to Young Coaches who want to make their career in Cricket Coaching.


An effort to provide the global experience of cultures and games that will help not only the player’s game skills but also develop their life skills. We conduct various international, domestic & inbound tours throughout the year.


Cricket India Academy provides the immense platforms for our participants to learn from the life experiences of ex international cricket personalities from various countries.


To enroll in our programs please fill in the details and we will contact you.


Parents Appreciation for CIA

Parents Appreciation for CIA

Parents Appreciation for CIA

Parents Appreciation for CIA

Parent of a player from CIA

Parent of a player from CIA

Inter School U-13 Monsoon Cup 2013 at Mumbai (KCA)

Inter School U-13 Monsoon Cup 2013 at Mumbai (KCA)

TV star Amar Upadhyay appreciates CIA

TV star Amar Upadhyay appreciates CIA

Parents appreciation for CIA

Parents appreciation for CIA

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