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Our belief states that to fulfil our vision of overall Human Capital Development via grassroots, we believe local contribution synergised with modern technique and methodologies will be the pedestal for greater horizons. On that lines, we have developed the following strategic alliance methodologies:


At Cricket India Academy, we are always welcome to partnering any individual or entity, institution or organization that is willing to join us in our mission of providing world-class, systematic cricket training to young sporting talent across the country.

The structured association presently available for Cricket Australia’s Cricket Education Program and it currently exists in three types of franchisees, namely –



City-based Franchisee enables the partnering individual/organization to be Cricket India Academy’s exclusive partner delivering Cricket Australia’s Cricket Education Program in the desired city. This is an economical model with a potential for larger scope of development as it allows you, the Franchisee organization, to establish multiple coaching centers across the respective city as per requirements.


The State-based Franchisee enables the partnering individual/organization to hold exclusive rights to run Cricket India Academy’s Cricket Kids, Emerging Players and Cricket Australia’s Cricket Education Program anywhere across the determined state. It enables the associated organization to plan the operations and growth within the respective state. The area covered under this model being vaster, with effective management, this model can give higher results.


Venue Based Franchisee provides the right to run the Cricket Coaching Program for only the ascertained Venue/Ground.

Our network of FRANCHISEE

Cricket India Academy has been an ever growing family with the same set of values and goals of Sports Education at grassroots and along our way, we have been able to associate with the following entities till date to fulfill the vision of development of life through sports. We exist in the following territories in tandem with our partners for greater good.


Cricket India Academy



Jamshri Cricket Academy



Wankhade Cricket Academy


Garividi, Vizianagaram

Smt. Godavari Devi Saraf High School

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Rampur, UP

Dayawati Modi Academy



Cricket India Academy

+91 8879968916

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Cricket India Academy® takes pride in extending its specialized coaching to schools that may be interested in associating with CIA and adapting the exclusive Cricket Education Program for the better development of its players.

Our Programs primarily deal with age groups of 5 years and above. This structured learning curriculum highly compliments the academic process of any school. This helps any student from the school to grow not only academically but also physically allowing for overall human development. The sessions can be customized as per the schools needs for the program to be run within the School hours. After School Program which is conducted after the school hours is also highly conducive not only in day schools but also residential schools.

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In hustle and bustle of daily routine it is difficult for individuals hard at work to find time as well to find venues and then people to play with. They either go to malls for recreational purpose or are at home doing nothing thereby lacking agility and risking their health .In order to encourage healthy lifestyle and fitness, Cricket India Academy has come up with a platform for Corporate to be able to showcase their talent and follow their comrades, competitors and colleagues. Sometimes being in the same organization, peers don’t get time to interact with their own colleagues and hence such tournament will give a better opportunity to know each other and have a healthy conversation. Such tournament will provide an altogether new dimensions and refreshment in the life of an individual and their peers.

CSR Opportunity

In recent times, in our country, we have been enlightened to the wake of global platforms such Olympics, national and events such as IPL, ISL, etc and its immense human capital development potential that if channelled through the right sources can result in the tremendous progressive growth of any individual leading to the growth of society in all.

Thus, we have identified the game of cricket which is synonymous to a religion in our country as the apt path to help raise these initiatives for the needy children of the country.

Cricket Australia’s Cricket Education Program (CEP) which is specially designed by them for the grassroots education in the game can act as the catalyst for the progress of such social strata. This program will not only bring a modicum of excitement and interest in the healthy lifestyle due to sports but it shall also compliment the academia as it is a curriculum based cricket learning experience.

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