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Franchisee Partnership Opportunity

The range of investment differs from one region to another and also differs from one model to another, SEDIL mainly structures the franchisee commercials as per the area covered in the desired territory. To find an approximate franchisee investment and commercial details, please fill in the details in our Franchisee Partnership Enquiry Form (link) or contact us via the details mentioned on the home page.

We do not need any pre requisite infrastructure to establish a Franchisee Partnership with CIA. The resources required to be invested in during the establishment will be sufficiently briefed on during the Franchisee Induction Process. Whereas, if there are resources readily available than one can always make strategies of establishing the Partnership accordingly.

There are no such restrictions on the number of academies that one can be operated under the rights of city based franchisee. One can also operate a school based partnership academies and an open venue academies simultaneously.

  1. The Prospect will hold the exclusive rights to run our programs for the complete state of Karnataka.
  2. This enables the prospect to plan the operations and growth plan for complete Karnataka.
  3. This is a high rate growth model as the area to be covered is very high and proper management shall provide high results.
  4. If there is a strong network in schools or colleges, this business model shall help the prospect highly to gain access to international schools in your territory due to the brand value of Cricket Australia.
  5. Any other person/entity interested to come up with the venue in Karnataka shall directly be under the prospect’s per view.
  1. City based franchisee structure provides you the rights to be our exclusive partner to deliver Cricket Australia’s Cricket Education Program and CIA Programs in your desired city.
  2. It provides you with a scope to establish not only one coaching centre but multiple centers throughout the city.
  3. This model is economical but has a large scope for development.
  4. It also enables the partner to work with schools/colleges and establish in-school cricket coaching programs providing a platform to increase the number of participants.
  5. If SEDIL receives any communication from the schools, individuals, entity regarding their interest to set up a coaching centre in the prospective franchisee partner’s desired city, the same shall be forwarded to the same and it shall be your prerogative to take it ahead.
  6. SEDIL has the exclusive rights to deliver this program in India. Similarly you/your entity shall have the exclusive rights to deliver this program throughout the city.

Cricket India Academy, the cricket division of Sports Education Development India Limited is operated based on the business model of Franchising.

CIA provides the opportunity for two types of franchising:

  1. City Based Franchisee
  2. State Based Franchisee
  3. Venue Based Franchisee


Cricket India Academy provides an excellent exposure to the participants in terms of tournaments and Camps.

Match practices

  • Inter school matches; (within same/nearby cities/townships)
  • Regional matches
  • Tournament participation
  • CIA U -12 Premier League
  • CIA U – 10 Invitational Tournament
  • CIA U – 13 Inter School Monsoon Camp
  • CIA U – 12 Inter School Cricket India Cup
  • International & Domestic Tours
  • Elite camps
  • CIA National camp

Cricket is a skill based sport and selection depends upon individual skills. At CIA these skills are enhanced by the aid of systematic coaching and practise. We have mapped our program goals with each and every key learning areas of the sport like batting, pace bowling, fielding etc. and further mapped the key learning areas with skills like leadership, tactical, technical awareness, group management etc.

The systematic age appropriate approach towards the sport with international standard expertise of Cricket Australia (for Cricket Education Program) aims towards superior skill development in individual participants. The appropriate acquiring of such skills grooms a cricketer in its totality thereby improving his / her cricketing skills.

CIA offers Cricket Education to the entire age group right from below 5 years and beyond. It provides an exclusive Cricket Pathway, an integrated cricket development program with a well-defined and progressive road map.

As a child progresses academically, his or her cricket development should also progress in parallel. From learning the basics of cricket through fun and modified games, children should have the opportunity to travel the cricket development journey attending sequential coaching programs and developing their cricket potential whilst supporting their academic growth. Besides quality cricket coaching, emphasis is placed on tournament preparation and playing performance also.

CIA certified coaches train participants for Cricket Toddler Programs and Cricket Kids Programs. Cricket Australia certified coaches train participants for the Cricket Education Program. CIA and CEP certified coaches train the participants enrolled for the Emerging Players Program.

Cricket India academy does not provide a hostel facility.

Each program has a different fee structure, for more information please contact your preferred center.

Cricket India Academy offers age specific cricket development programs. 5 – 8 year old children can enroll in Cricket Kids Program. This program provides a fun and interactive introduction to cricket using modified game play and age relevant activities. It is the perfect way to teach the basics of modern cricket and develop interest and enthusiasm.

Cricket Education Program is an aged based, 6 Level program for 9 – 14 years boys and girls. The child can enter the program at any Level however, since Level 5 and Level 6 are specialization levels, a child must have successfully completed the preceding level to qualify for enrolment.

The program Emerging Player sis offered to participants from the age of 15 years and above. This training program is focused on individual specific skill development, high performance focus and tournament preparation.

  • This is a high quality Cricket Coaching Program.
  • It is the only program written by a recognised governing Cricket body (Cricket Australia) for the development of the game at grassroots.
  • This program provides structured learning and helps in assessment of growth of the participant via its curriculum.
  • Highly favourable for school based coaching centres as it has a structured and systematic approach.
  • Program curriculum has been developed keeping in mind the requirements of a player according to his or her age.
  • CIA program encourages girl participants to play the sport.
  • Provides various local and national platforms for the showcase of talent.
  • Interactive sessions with various renowned personalities in the game help the participants for greater understanding of the game.

Cricket India Academy is the cricket division of SEDIL and is responsible for the day to day management and operations of all cricket activities. Cricket India Academy was started in 2009 by SEDI L to present comprehensive and structured cricket development programs.

Cricket India Academy offers an exclusive Cricket Pathway, an integrated cricket development program with a well-defined and progressive road map.  As a child progresses academically; his or her cricket development should also progress in parallel. From learning the basics of cricket through fun and modified games, a child should have the opportunity to travel the cricket development journey attending sequential coaching programs developing their cricket potential whilst supporting their academic growth. Besides quality cricket coaching, emphasis is placed on tournament preparation and playing performance.

School Partnership Opportunity

The area required for the conduction of programs in the school will differ from the strength of the batch in the school. An average area of 1000 sq.ft, which is the normal space available in each school for sports purposes, shall suffice for conduction of program in general circumstances.

CIA Programs are designed with immense thought process keeping in mind the structure of various School Boards. CIA program may be customised as per the needs and structure of the schools. After School Program which is conducted after the school hours is highly conducive not only in day schools but also residential schools.

For a customised Preview of the Program in your school, please contact us on 8291714516 or email us on info@cricketindiaacademy.com

Schools shall have the right to choose whether the coaches need to be from their own existing staff (current coaches have to undergo a CEP coach training exercise, wherein they will receive a certificate from the Cricket Australia which shall highly enhance their profile.)


Schools can ask CIA to appoint the coaches for the Program wherein, CIA will appoint CEP coaches trained by Cricket Australia recognised Coach Trainers for the conduction of CEP Program in the school.

A school which is already in to cricket coaching has generated the aspiration among its students and implemented the coaching for the sport. The major difference between general coaching and the programs of Cricket India Academy is, it offers age appropriate programs, which enables a participant to learn sequentially in ascending manner in line with our uniquely laid down curriculum.CIA imparts the coaching under its various programs in a meticulous manner through its structured training planners, coach manuals and participants handbooks, especially designed program-wise. The coaches, who imparts the training are professionally trained & inducted to impart the CIA Programs as per its curriculum.

For our CEP Program the coaches are trained & inducted by Cricket Australia trained Coach Educators so that he / she can implement the Modern coaching techniques involved in Cricket Education Program and other programs offered by CIA. This induction will also guide the existing coach towards how to be a quality coach, a teacher, a mentor, a guide and a friend to the participants at the same time.

  1. Cricket India Academy is a premium brand in Quality cricket coaching. Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Schools have readily accepted the need to impart cricket coaching in the school to enhance the sports curriculum provided to their students.
  2. Now-a-days, every school has a Cricket team which competes in the local and national tournament.
  3. We at Cricket India Academy aim to provide quality cricket coaching services to the schools with a goal to engage the students in the game and encourage them to excel on various platforms not only provided locally but also the ones formulated by us for the overall human development of the student.
  4. This program not only helps the students to perform better in sports but also encourages them in academics due to curriculum based teachings.

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