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We have developed an unique pathway for any aspiring cricketer to develop himself from the ripe age of below 5 years old to after 20 years old. These programs are uniquely placed for overall development of the individual. Thus, Cricket India Academy caters to fulfil its vision by providing services in the following strata:


The systematic age wise cricket development pathway

Cricket Kids

As Cricket India Academy aims to provide the best quality education and training in cricket, we also take into consideration the varying requirements and needs of our participants. Young, growing children have distinct needs, different motivations and unique perspectives when it comes to their involvement in the sport. Cricket Kids, our training and learning program for boys and girls from the age group of 5-8 years, is specifically constructed to meet the needs of junior kids.

Cricket Kids includes a modified cricket sport for smaller kids which aims at introducing cricket with more fun, engaging and child-friendly activities. The program ensures adequate skill development, by maximizing participation but minimizing the chances of any injuries.

Cricket Education Program


An excellent cricketer is not just identified by his/her performance on field but is rather determined by his/her knowledge and understanding of the sport in his mind. Cricket India Academy® understands the essentials that are required to establish a thorough cricketer. The Cricket Education Program, a six-level sequential cricket development program, has thus been incorporated. The program has been constructed for 9-14 years old boys and girls, exclusively by Cricket Australia.

Each level of this comprehensive program ensures development of practical skills along with specialized training and knowledge development. As the program covers all essential skills required to master the sport, it also aims at building holistic sportsmen through sessions on leadership, fitness and team-spirit in cricket. Level 5 & 6 of the program also include introduction and basic training on coaching, umpiring and scoring. Throughout the program, every participant gets individually assessed on his/her acquired knowledge and understanding of the sport as well as the skills learnt and practiced.

On successful completion of all 6 levels and meeting satisfactory requirements, a Diploma of Cricket is also awarded to the students.

Key Learning Area

To develop players who are able to score runs and protect their wicket

To develop players who are able to and take wickets and restrict runs using pace and movement of the ball

To develop players who are able to take wickets and restrict runs through imparting spin on the ball.

To develop players who are able to take catches and execute stumpings and run outs.

To develop players who are able to take catches and execute stumpings and run outs.

To develop a fitness base to optimise the individual player’s performance.

To develop interpersonal skills, self esteem, discipline and responsibility.

To develop practical knowledge in key cricket coaching techniques and principles.

To develop umpiring and match management skills.

Emerging Players

Cricket India Academy’s Emerging Players Program focuses on defining and developing the players’ core cricket strengths and thus providing them a platform for related specialization. The program has been specially structured for players of age 15 years and above, intending to help them polish their fortes and prep-up to compete at higher level, in a more professional as well as challenging cricket environment.

Personalized Coaching

No matter how many runs you score or wickets you take, improvements to your game will help to take you to the next level. Cricket India Academy offers high quality one to one personalized coaching for any player looking to improve their game or any particular skill. Maybe you aren’t getting enough batting practice in the nets and would like to work on your bowling to improve your run up or techniques? Maybe you need to develop your catching & ground field skills and work on wicket keeping techniques with our specialist wicket keeping coaches. Perhaps you would like a video analysis session and review of your bowling action? CIA can help. Whatever your age or ability, Cricket India Academy will create an Individual Coaching schedule to benefit you and improve your game.

The ultimate goal of the Cricket India Academy is to take a limited and select squad of talented, aspiring cricketers who have a desire to become a professional cricketer and shape them into quality players.

Our individual coaching sessions offer quality focused practice under the expert eye of the CIA Coaching team. It is also vitally important to get the right advice as early as possible to correct poor technique.

For further details and to receive your personalized coaching itinerary please contact us on info@cricketindiaacademy.com or call on 8879968916/26.


Excellence in quality of coaching lies at the core of all our programs and services at cricket india academy. Understanding your requirements and getting to the roots of your aspired results, we also design customized cricket camps.

Parents and schools are often on the lookout for interesting activities to constructively engage kids during the summer vacations. Understanding this need of the hour, Cricket India Academy® runs a Summer Camp program which provides the participant kids with formal cricket training in a more enjoyable learning environment.

The program is presently carried out only in association with partner schools, franchisees and venues.

Monsoon being an off season for cricket tournaments, usually, it also results in slowing down practices of players. Basing the program’s foundation on variety and innovation in learning, the Monsoon Cricket Training Camp ensures cricketers’ all round physical as well as psychological fitness, along with helpingplayers hone their skills and prep-up for the nextcompetitive season.

The National Camp consists of tournaments held once in a year for the elite players of Cricket Academy India from all over the country. The primary motive of this camp is to bring the players outside their routine practice environment and prepare them for distinctive match conditions. This approach encourages the participants to explore their capabilities outside their comfort zone along with getting an overview of a professional cricketer’s lifestyle adaptations.

In a pursuit to deliver superior quality coaching and bring out the best from promising talent, a series of Elite Camps – Cricket India Academy’s high intensity training program – are conducted. The camp comprises of unique performance and skill development techniques, systematic training through specialist coaches and video analyses of individual performances.Elite Camps are exclusive for the pupils from the Cricket India Academy® and Cricket Education Program, wherein the contingents are selected on the basis of their performances during coaching sessions, tournaments and holistic assessment results.

Excellence in quality of coaching lies at the core of all our programs and services at Cricket India Academy®. Understanding your requirements and getting to the roots of your aspired results, we also design customized cricket camps.

Value Added Activities

Cricket Tourism

An effort to provide the global experience of cultures and games that will help not only the player’s game skills but also develop their life skills.


Ensuring that our players get the best possible exposure along with a memorable learning experience we organize high-class international tours. Backed by a strong network in India as well as outside, we ensure the best travel and accommodation facilities making the entire tour an amazing experience, worth one’s expenses.


The primary objective of the Domestic Tours is to encourage players to explore their skills outside their comfort zone, in addition to gaining first-hand experience of challenges faced while touring for tournaments. All of this is backed by an assurance of comfortable travel and accommodations as well as engaging learning environments.


Inbound tours entail the opportunity for the players to compete against teams invited and arrived in the country to experience the playing conditions of the most diverse territories in the world. This provides a unique platform for both the local team as well as the touring team to experience a highly competitive game and provide immense learning opportunities.

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Cricket Tournaments

We at CIA believe that match scenarios are one of the key learning experiences any player can go through. To enhance on this objective, we have developed several age appropriate platforms which are both domestic and national scale.

These Platforms provide a stage for the players to showcase their talent and provides a great judge for their progress and helps in overall development and provides a valuable game experience.

cricball The age group varies from Under 13, 14, 15 for grassroots.

cricball High Quality Corporate Cricket Tournaments are also conducted.


Cricket India Academy provides the immense platforms for our participants to learn from the life experiences of ex international cricket personalities from various countries. This kind of exposure provides a lasting impression on the minds of the participants and helps in creating more and more participation and awareness from the children and also ignites their hunger to do well and prove themselves.

Some of the key Workshops that CIA has conducted with personalities like Brett Lee, Mike Hussey, Ellyse Perry, Sanjay Bangar, Hirwani, Pravin Amre are illustrated in the YouTube playlist on our official channel.


Please select the duration for the program you are interested.


CIA provides the coveted opportunities to Young Coaches who want to make their career in Cricket Coaching.

Coach Induction

The CEP Coach Induction Program is an intensive, superior quality coach training program, specifically designed in line to the basic principles and coaching methodologies of the Cricket Education Program (CEP). Besides the program also aims at enhancing knowledge and skills of the coaches.

This program is delivered by Cricket Australia in conjunction with Fourth Dimension International and Cricket India Academy® and is an essential for all the coaches who are a part for Cricket Education Program.

Coach Induction

Cricket Kids Coach Induction Program is basically program designed for coaches who shall train junior players from the age group of 5-8 years. Understanding that the needs and psychology of players from this age group is much different from the others, this program is centred around orienting coaches to develop a healthy, playful as well as safe learning environment, enhance cricketing techniques for younger kids,application of fun assessment processes etc.


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